Monday, March 8, 2010

Brave Friends vs. Stupid Friends

When I was younger I had friends who did stupid things. Sadly, like a puppy dog I would follow them and do the same stupid things. Things that destroyed our health, things that impacted our schooling, and things . . . that while fun in the moment . . . proved to be devastating in the end. Call it peer pressure or just stupid by osmosis, I lowered my life to the level of behavior accepted by the group. Even when I knew better.

As I've grown older I'm attracted to a different kind of friend. I'm drawn to friends that have outrageous dreams, big goals and keen ambition. Now, these friends too have fun in the moment, but they gauge that fun by the joy it brings them and the way it impacts the world. They do crazy things, inspiring things, like race 4X4's though they are wheelchair bound, go skydiving, produce a movie trailer of their own show, bust drug deals and save babies, open and design their own clothing lines, open for Macy Gray, get on QVC and win international cookbook awards. These friends are nuts - and yet, these crazy friends raise the level of my life - and raise the bar on the dreams I set for myself.

Whereas before I was attracted to stupid friends - friends who really weren't stupid, but who naively misused their time, their abilities, and their passion - THESE friends, these BRAVE friends encourage me to use mine.

So, I'm making a dream board of the goals I want to accomplish in my life. Sweet husband? Check. New house? Check. Yellow XTERRA? Check. Trip to Caribbean? Check. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Now on to publish my first children's book, raise funds for another family stricken with cancer, jump out of an airplane. Take singing lessons. See the Eiffel Tower - again. Stupid goals? Nope. My friends say I'm as crazy as they are.

How blessed my life will be if I am!