Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Snail Made It To The Ark On Time

Some days I wonder if I'll ever make it. Maybe you do too? There are goals I have, timelines that I've mentally set for myself, and dreams I want to accomplish. When I see those daunting challenges, there are days I am intimidated. Will I ever get there?

My greatest goal is to live with God after my life here on earth. I believe Jesus died on the cross to make that miracle happen. So, above all of my dreams and desires is that one greatest goal - and again, some days I am initimidated. Will I ever get there?

With my failings, my limitations, and my specific and unique personality weaknesses, will my pace be hindered so much that I won't reach that most important goal? Will I ever get there God?

I read a quote that I often think of in moments of anxiety like that. Spiritual reformist and preacher C. H. Spurgeon (1834 - 1892) was quoted as saying "By perserverance, the snail reached the ark".

God's timing was perfect. His patience was perfect. His vision was perfect - even for the slow-paced, small, fragile, weak snail. The snail eventually made it to the ark.

I'm sure the gazelle was there early, the lion arrived proudly, and the birds all made it look easy. But the snail made it before the ark doors closed and the floods began. Perhaps all of the other animals had their heads cranked, positioned to see the shelled creature as it slowly, methodically came up the plank. Perhaps all of the other animals were cheering the snail on as it made its final climb?

What I do know is that God in His perfect timing has kept the ark doors open for me - in my most labored, incremental pace - to make it safely to Him.

I look around at my life and while the circumstances are difficult, I believe in my heart of hearts that I am in the right place and the right time with the right direction. I'm pressing on. I'm on my way home to God and He is patiently waiting for me. He's waiting for you too.

"By perserverance, the snail made it to the ark."

Are YOU coming?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Open Sesame!

Funny. I remember when my now nine year old son first discovered automatic doors at the grocery store. He was only three at the time and we were coming out of Smiths Marketplace here in Utah. Walking by my side as I carried several bags, he happened to wander in his stepping and placed his foot inadvertantly on the pad to the "IN" doors.

Frightened by the swoosh of the doors opening automatically, I tried to explain to him that his little foot created that magic. It was nothing to be afraid of, it was actually very cool. Stepping onto the pad purposefully I showed him again how the process worked.

Then he tried it. And again with a squeal! And again, and again, and again. He was making such a scene by now that people were standing around laughing and pointing at this little guy. Adults and teens hoorayed out loud with him. Watching this toddler discover his affect in this world seemed to entrance all of us!

Seeing my son come to understand the power of his presence in this world - and how his choice affected that world - was fun, exciting and profound.

As adults we often need a reminder - that to open doors we must step first. Our choices OPEN the doors of opportunity. So take a step in faith friend - doors will open magically!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Helliphino Personality Type

I work with many people on different boards and teams and I'm learning how to work effectively with a variety of personalities. Some people are laid back, methodical and analytical. Some are bubbly cheerleader types that inspire and encourage along the way. (Me? I'm there for the party for sure) But there is one personality type that is actually dangerous to most tasks - that's the "Helliphino" personality.

This individual is a powerhouse - full steam ahead - with no clear facts. Zero. And this means disaster.

While good intentioned this personality runs full board into oncoming traffic - fearless - which is good and bad. Good because of the power, bad because the LACK of foresight and blindspots invites problems, liabilities and head on collisions.

Know Thyself. If you are charging full board ahead but missing some essential details in an area of your life, ask for some feedback from other personality types around you. Others may see things you don't.

And if you're working with a Helliphino - carefully fill in the blanks and cover your assets if you know what I mean. They may be great at getting the job done, but poor at seeing the possible fallout. Now you know.