Friday, December 5, 2008

Open Sesame!

Funny. I remember when my now nine year old son first discovered automatic doors at the grocery store. He was only three at the time and we were coming out of Smiths Marketplace here in Utah. Walking by my side as I carried several bags, he happened to wander in his stepping and placed his foot inadvertantly on the pad to the "IN" doors.

Frightened by the swoosh of the doors opening automatically, I tried to explain to him that his little foot created that magic. It was nothing to be afraid of, it was actually very cool. Stepping onto the pad purposefully I showed him again how the process worked.

Then he tried it. And again with a squeal! And again, and again, and again. He was making such a scene by now that people were standing around laughing and pointing at this little guy. Adults and teens hoorayed out loud with him. Watching this toddler discover his affect in this world seemed to entrance all of us!

Seeing my son come to understand the power of his presence in this world - and how his choice affected that world - was fun, exciting and profound.

As adults we often need a reminder - that to open doors we must step first. Our choices OPEN the doors of opportunity. So take a step in faith friend - doors will open magically!