Monday, December 1, 2008

The Helliphino Personality Type

I work with many people on different boards and teams and I'm learning how to work effectively with a variety of personalities. Some people are laid back, methodical and analytical. Some are bubbly cheerleader types that inspire and encourage along the way. (Me? I'm there for the party for sure) But there is one personality type that is actually dangerous to most tasks - that's the "Helliphino" personality.

This individual is a powerhouse - full steam ahead - with no clear facts. Zero. And this means disaster.

While good intentioned this personality runs full board into oncoming traffic - fearless - which is good and bad. Good because of the power, bad because the LACK of foresight and blindspots invites problems, liabilities and head on collisions.

Know Thyself. If you are charging full board ahead but missing some essential details in an area of your life, ask for some feedback from other personality types around you. Others may see things you don't.

And if you're working with a Helliphino - carefully fill in the blanks and cover your assets if you know what I mean. They may be great at getting the job done, but poor at seeing the possible fallout. Now you know.