Thursday, July 22, 2010

BINGO! Seeing Yellow

Driving with the kids in the car it is only a matter of minutes on the asphalt before someone shouts "BINGO!". Confirming excitedly a yellow vehicle of some kind, the BINGO caller is now a point ahead of the others in the car. From then on the rest of us are on a keen lookout.

It's become quite the obsession really. There is shouting and pointing and heckling going on until we arrive at our destination - even if its hours away.

The big kahuna though is the elusive pink car. And if its a volkwagon bug? Whatch out! (how does Scott always discover those hidden somewhere in a tiny parking lot?)

It is a challenge to strain your eyes and discipline yourself to pick out the BINGO from the gazillion non-point cars.

So . . . why?

Because it makes life better. Period.

Now does it really? We're still in a car, still traveling the miles (and sometimes many many miles while on our family vacations)and still a captive audience fighting traffic and bad drivers. But, the very discipline of looking for the win, THAT is an AWESOME life skill.

You see, there is a part of the brain that is the recognizing system, technically speaking, called the Reticular Activator System. It will find evidence for ANYTHING you train it to find. Tell it to find evidence that you're a failure? IT WILL. Tell it to find evidence that no one likes you? IT WILL. Allow it to build a case that life is hard and love will let you down? IT WILL. Train it to find hope and inspiration among the gazillion other emotions and IT WILL.

Just like spotting the yellow bug in the grocery store parking lot, hidden behind that huge delivery truck . . . the second you see that bright yellow hub of a wheel you feel the excitement popping inside your throat like you know the answer on the final level of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" . . . and . . . "BINGO!!!!!!!!!!"

See yellow. See hope. See inspiration, success, goodness . . .

Why? Because it makes life better. Period.