Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grease Is Cheap

A friend of mine, Zane, is the author of a book called "Grease Is Cheap". I'm anxious to read the book as he shared with me the concept. You see, Zane grew up on a farm. They had lots of heavy duty equipment to work the property, and Zane was responsible for the upkeep. His dad would remind him to stay on top of things as repairs were costly, maintenance was not. "Grease is cheap," he would tell Zane.

Today Zane shares with others the concept that its the small maintenance that helps us avoid costly damage down the road. Corporations, organizations and church groups now reap the wisdom Zane learned from his father. Good words for all of us in today's times. Daily habits - physical/emotional/spiritual, inspired incremental investments, relationship steps and investments - all cheap grease - but definately priceless as time passes.

In another direction, things like being polite at the grocery store, making small talk at the post office, or being kind on the freeway - these things are not only cheap, they are FREE - yet, we often deny ourselves and others the "grease" that would make the day sweeter - just because.

I'm going to challenge you today to put a little "grease" out there - some of the FREE kindness and politeness that would truly make things go smoother for the people you meet. For that person who passes you in the hallway, or that individual at the gym who probably doesn't NEED your hello, or that co-worker than may not deserve your encouragement . . . offer it anyway.

And let me know at the end of the day if that cheap grease made YOUR day go smoother as well.

Thanks Zane - you inspire us!