Monday, October 27, 2008

Out Of It -

I'd been feeling "out of sorts" with my life the last four weeks so I decided to take a road trip with my daughter to sunny California. Part business but part play - I figured I needed a break to clear my head. Funny what's happened.

I haven't been able to connect with many of the clients I needed to here in California. Odd turns of events have put us in the wrong places at the wrong times and we've criss-crossed. Then in a tragic turn, I lost my phone which is my lifeline to my business and pretty much any data for the trip. Again - an odd turn creating more frustration.

My daughter - the wise one - said, "Mom, maybe you're just supposed to chill on this trip. Maybe it's not supposed to be business at all. Maybe you're just supposed to have fun?" Hmm.
Since then I've been more relaxed - soaking up my family members and realizing it's been a long time since I connected here. After a tough last year I realized I haven't really shared much with my family here. And so I see much of the real disconnect in my life - that lost feeling - is really just homesickness.

Today we're going to the beach - which I love. Ahh, to be at the beach. Reminds me who I am and puts things right in my heart. Sometimes where you're "out of it" you just need to get "back into it" and heal the homesickness.