Friday, November 13, 2009

Death and Taxes

After a very long wait on hold with the IRS a female voice answered. I explained the details of my call, that my husband had passed away some time back and I needed an itemized statement of what was owing for he and I. As a citizen who feels very grateful for my country, I wanted to make certain I understood and honored my obligation, and Paul's.

People always say "There are only two sure things in life - death and taxes".

Well, what an interesting thing - it is true. You cannot escape either. Death at its time will come, and taxes, even after the fact, come too.

Knowing this truth, more on a soul level than I can ever explain - I don't want to live my life waiting on joy. I will run after it like a child chasing a butterfly, giggling like I'm barefoot for the first time. I will follow love and goodness knowing that road winds and twists and sometimes meets rugged terrain. I will choose joy. There is no promise that joy will last - but it can be experienced here on earth until we meet Jesus.

If I cannot escape taxes, and cannot plan the time or circumstances of my death, than most certainly I will plan joy. For joy brings sweetness to all things - even death and taxes.

Two things are certain - but joy - joy is a choice.