Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Downright Uglies

In the midst of the daily grind ugliness exists. It exists in circumstances that aren't always peachy, in parts of our roles that are frustrating, and in our interactions with other human beings. It is the ugliness of expectation, failure, and pride. Sadly, in the step by step of even the best relationships ugliness comes out in each one of us that we wish weren't there.

That's what makes love so beautiful - the tranformation of the ugliness inside of us as we choose to love instead. Love holds a mirror up and asks us if we like what we see inside ourselves, our behavior, and our thinking. Is having my way the most peaceful thing? Is hurting another the best way to solve this? Am I losing more love by acting stubborn? And we search that reflection carefully to see who we really are.

Love is the most amazing catalyst - and better than any plastic surgery - love can bring beauty to even the ugliest of thinking. Grace covers ugly.

Thank you God. Grace covers the downright uglies.