Sunday, January 24, 2010

TBD - To Be Determined


Written and understood as "to be determined" - often referring to a date or a location of some future event. The main theme of this future event is "mostly" formulated but the specifics, hard facts, details, are still being cemented.

I've rolled these three letters over and over in my mind this week upon hearing one of my dearest friends is now in jail having made some devastating choices. My heart weeps for the family involved. The snowball effect of deception and dishonesty has hit bottom and the piper must be paid.


It would seem that most of the story is formulated. Hard facts, details and specifics would seem cemented . . . and sadly some of them are. Irreparable damage has been caused. But the end of the story is . . .


By our choices we pen the chapters. We choose our destiny ultimately. We determine - we, us, you and me, "I" determine - I determine how the story ends. And so does my dear friend.

I grieve his choices and can't get his loss out of my mind. He has chosen many sad sad details. But the pen is still in motion. The event, the final event, as I read this morning in Romans 14 - "Each of us will stand personally before the judgment seat of God . . . yes, each of us will have to give a personal account to God." That final event is TBD.

Not the time, not the place, not the consequences . . . we only choose how we will be when we get there. Our choices are still being made. It's never too late to chose better.

Friend of mine, within those cement walls, wondering your fate, your destiny even after such tragic loss and shame . . . your ultimate event and redemptive moment is TBD. What will you choose? Determine to do right. Determine to seek God. Determine to restore what you have lost for yourself and what you've lost for others. Determine to say you're sorry. Determine to live your life out in a way that changes your stars. Determine to be a light even in that dark place.

B Determined. You can be. I know you. You can.