Saturday, June 26, 2010

Livin' The Dream

My birthday is just a couple of days away. Reflective thoughts are surfacing and memories of my life flood in. How could I sum up the years of laughter, struggle, self-discovery, challenge, loss and successes? Had I known the pain and the ride before it all happened, would I chose it again?

Yes. Yes I would.

My life has never been predictable. I could not have sat down and written the road map through all of its twists and turns. Especially the twists and turns of the last two years that led me to Scott and the seven precious souls that we prayerfully blend and guide.

The birthday candles spell out "T" and "44" on the two cakes. I choke on the tears as the trick candles re-light.

I'm livin' the dream baby. Not livin the fear, with my heart closed afraid of pain and loss. Not livin' the stress, continually focused on holding back and holding in. Not livin' the regret of opportunities missed. Livin' the dream of parenting and watching each child stretch and grow and learn - even those hard lessons. I'm livin the dream of friends and ventures that keep me awake to service, kindness and vision.

Today I fly. I'm livin the dream baby ~