Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Know How YOU Learn

I've been bit by the fishing bug in the last couple of months. Yeh, hook line and . . . Barbie pole.

I bought it at Walmart - ok, it's not a "Barbie" brand fishing pole, but it is pink and it is for beginners. I bought it as a starter pole because the line is enclosed in a cute pink and silver ball, helping me avoid the problematic and frustrating rat's nest that I seemed to consistently create while borrowing Scott's more "advanced" open spooled reel.

That worked peachy for basic fishing. Now I want to grow in my level of fishing from the once-a-year fisher girl to the oh-yeh-she's-a-pro fisher girl. So, I bought an open spooled reel and we headed up to our favorite mountain lake.

It was bad. Very bad.

Within minutes I had twenty-two feet of tangled line. Then the confusion set in. Followed by the situational tourettes, the swearing, the getting frustrated, and the ensuing disgust at myself for spending the money on the new reel when I clearly could not do it.

And then the practicing. Casting for the 99th time. Then the 100th. Then 101st. And finally . . . ugh. I could do it.

I've never been a fast learner. I swear it takes me 101 times to get good at stuff.

But my learning always takes the same route:

Want something.
Take a leap and commit.
Get really confused.
Then get ticked off because I'm stuck.
Then I swear.
Then in frustration I usually lash out at the people around me.
And I keep trying.
And KEEP trying.
And tell myself over and over to KEEP trying.
And then I get it.
And then to a stranger it looks like it was easy for me.
Ya right.

I'm working on the NOT lashing out in frustration at the people around me as I learn things. And, I'm working on being more patient with myself as I struggle to learn.

But one thing that really helps me achieve my goals is to know HOW I learn and then with any given goal, understand where I am at in MY learning curve. Understanding me, understanding HOW I learn, and understanding that I CAN grow and achieve what I really really want . . . that is helpful AND empowering.

Friend, perhaps you need to map out YOUR learning pattern. Because right now you might just be one good cast from achieving your goal. I know you want to grow in your competencies at things. I know you want to feel successful. You'll never get there if you give up today. Just keep casting. 99. 100. 101.

Keep, keep, keep casting. Today just might be the day. And it's gonna feel so good to retire that pink Barbie pole. ; )