Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Biggest Fear - Being Exposed

There are statistics that indicate the BIGGEST fear most people share is being put on the spot - be it giving a presentation at work, answering a question in front of the class, or failing in public. Our greatest fear is being exposed.

Probably every one of you has had that dream . . . you know the one . . . where you show up to school or work in your underclothes. Duh-nuh.

It's paralyzing. Everyone is looking at you.
You look down at you.
The Spiderman boxer shorts, then your knobby knees, and then your toes, scared strait and white knuckling the pavement like monkey feet as you look down.
Ugh. Uh-oh.

But there is a greater fear that is so painful . . . the showing up in underclothes doesn't even compare.

It's showing up with our sin exposed.

Greater than our fear of botching a toast at wedding, bigger than our fear of doing the algebra problem wrong on the chalkboard, and more terrifying than exposing our Spiderman briefs . . . we fear others will find out about our "sin problem".

That fear, my friend, robs us of grace.

You see, when a person denies they have weakness, they deny the need for grace.

I've found in my life the moments of true freedom have been the moments that I confess my weaknesses to friends and family and ask for grace and accountability. It is at those times that God helps me face my greatest fear.

Exposing your sin invites grace. Be honest right now. What sin are you hiding? What do you fear others will say or do if you come clean?

My friend, God is good. Grace IS amazing. You are a wrech. So am I. We all have ugly sides, and skeletons that need healing. Accountability equals growth and change. Don't you want growth and change?

Find places and people that love God more than they love you. They are a soft place to land in the freefall of honesty. Confess what you're working on. Admit it. Invite grace in.

For then, living transparent, you will fear NOTHING. And even in your Spiderman boxers you'll feel confident. I promise.