Friday, September 19, 2008

Facing Facebook

The new technology allows us to connect better than ever. Or wait, does it? The other day I was coerced into creating a Facebook account. "This is the latest, greatest way to keep in touch with friends and family!" I was told. Very quickly after creating it I was flooded with requests to be this person's friend, answer this person's writing on the wall, join this network . . . whew! Being a friend was complicated! Now I find myself clicking here and there, yes - we're friends, who are you?, can't keep up and I'm wondering when I will have time to really SEE my friends in person?

And then I received an email from my friend Mark who is on a 30 day pilgrimage in Spain. (Camino De Santiago) He is walking for 30 days. Just walking. And I'm sure thinking, meditating, reflecting . . . away from technology.

And I have to ask myself if we're somehow spinning our technological wheels without satisfaction - all longing to connect with something truly bigger - bigger than a computer. More real than a friend on Facebook. And more eternal than the late night hours spent online.