Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gray and Grayer

Sometimes there are clear cut choices that need to be made. Other times the choices just seem like various shades of gray. Darker, lighter, but still gray. Hard to discern the "right" thing to do there, especially when the outcome is important.

The latin word for certainty is "certus" which actually means "to sift". At those gray and grayer choices, we must sift through all of the information given us through our senses, our past, our dreams, our relationships, our faith . . . and determine what is certain. What do we believe in all certainty?

Standing on the ground of certainty may not change the shades of gray, but it may however, help us by deduction understand the shades we WON'T choose. Sometimes just knowing what we AREN'T about helps us see what we ARE - and then we can get about doing it.

Sift out some shades of gray today -