Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Know You Can't. I Barely Can Myself.

It's been an interesting thing diseminating the news about Paul's health situation. To some friends and family I have felt the need to email medical details so as to clarify the doctor's concerns and the treatment schedule. Some friends and family have emailed or called. Others . . . nothing.

I know those emails have brought people to weeping at their computers. I know. They have been so very hard to write. And I know many are speechless. There are no words. I know.

If you are one who is troubled and teary with the news, I know. If you're having a tough time talking about it, thinking about it or imagining it . . . I know. If you can't bring yourself to accept it, Paul and I both know. We can't either. And if you can't get things done during the day without falling into a heap of sobs, I know. If you're not able to handle the news - it's ok. I barely can myself.