Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For A Time Such As This

The story of Esther. Girl grows up, picked from a slew of others to be groomed into a princess. King meets girl and marries her. New queen from a culture under threat. Her people will be put to death. Queen breaks law and approaches King. Pleads for her people. People saved because of Queen's bravery.

When trouble came to Esther's people she was told (paraphrasing) "you are where you are for a time such as this". Her positioning directly impacted what she was able to do for her people.

Different scenario. It's Sunday morning. We hear the roar of not one, but two 65' Cobra engines outside of our door. The door opens and David Kirkham (and Dave #2) step in. "We heard about your health situation Paul, and we'd like to take you for a ride." Anyone that knows my husband knows he has been working on building a 65' Cobra - his dream car - and has been too sick to work on it for quite some time. Anyone who knows Cobras knows David Kirkham builds some of the most incredible Cobras in the United States - with a factory right here in Utah.

Needless to say, my husband was speechless. We drove side by side down the freeway - he in one Cobra with David Kirkham and I in the other (with Dave #2). Then up the canyon to Sundance and back - grinning all the way - squealing and laughing - taking pictures and soaking up the moment of freedom and life.

Think on Esther. Her path brought her to a position to make a difference in a way no one else could. David Kirkham did not save "a people" - but given the dire circumstances in Paul and I's world right now, he saved the day for my husband with that ride. Because of his positioning, his expertice, his vision, David was able to do something profound - "for a time such as this" - for us it was a ray of hope - a celebrity visit - for David it may have been a simple ride with a stranger who was suffering.

What is God positioning you to do? What arena is God asking you - compelling you to step into - because of work only YOU can do? What lives can you uniquely touch because of the road you've travelled? Trust me - there is a reason. Ask God - "for a time such as this" - where do you want me God? Today I want to stand up for someone. Put me in a position to do that . . . .