Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look For The Pony!

Wow. Things have been pretty rough the last two weeks. Paul had a major surgery and then pneumonia. The lack of sleep, the juggling children to and from school while sleeping at the hospital, worrying about Paul's breathing . . . it has been more than a bit desperate times in our household. Hard to get a handle on things when it's been going so cruddy.

My mom has a saying, "When there is a lot of poop and things look really crappy . . . look for the pony. With that much poop there's GOT to be one!"

So, with that enlightened saying on our minds Paul and I have consciously been "looking for the ponies" in our situation. Dinners lovingly made and delivered for our family. People to pick up our kids from school. A new group of angels helping Paul finish his dreamcar. Phone calls, emails and prayers our way from loved ones close and far. A benefit concert planned on Paul's behalf. I'd say that's a lot of ponies!

How about you today friend? What kind of day are you having? A one pony day? A two pony day? Just how much poop is going on in your life right now? Remind yourself there's got to be a pony in all of that. And then look for it. Perhaps today you could choose to be the pony in someone else's cruddy situation riding in on a white steed to save their day?

Life can get pretty dang heavy. Remember . . . count your ponies. There is ALWAYS a pony when there's a truckload of poop!