Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sweet Surrender

More often than not life presents us with circumstances which are less than ideal. Sometimes we are handed heartache, pain, loss and disappointment - in ways which torment us - and in ways that feel could break us completely.

We want to kick and scream and escape . . . and yet, after the yelling, the fighting, the denial, the anger, we find ourselves weeping as a child . . . and all we truly need at that time is for God's arms to hold us.

That sweet surrender is a sacred place. To come to the throne of God as a child - quiet, meek, willing to be submissive, willing to lay everything down . . . that is peace.

"God, no matter the pain, I am willing to lay it all down because I trust that you will make it good." When you walk with God and trust Him, it is all good.