Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can't Go Back - Only Forward

Another day over. It's dark outside and the children are getting to bed. I look at tomorrow's schedule.

The reality sounds so trite - can't ever go back - only forward.

I look back at images that are so familiar. But they are only paper images now. I look at my planner and the calendar pages dictate the days, months and years ahead. I've had quite the education watching Paul go through cancer treatments.

Paul was gifted at choosing joy. He chose laughter when he certainly could have complained. He chose adventure when it certainly wasn't convenient or comfortable. He chose love, friends, kids, and singing when he could have isolated and became cynical.

What a great example to myself and our children - there is a choice. We all get to decide our future mindset and how we will face new circumstances. Can't go back - only forward. Forward thinking joy, forward planning joy, forward envisioning joy.

The future seems a whole lot better deciding that's my plan : )

Choose joy.