Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shopping My Destiny

I just started reading "Your Destiny Switch". With my husband battling stage 4 cancer we have relocated to a temporary home (which is such a blessing!), have budgeted beyond TIGHT for a year now, and downsized to the bare minimum. Sadly, I see some of my dreaming has also downsized. Many of you are feeling the same tightening of the belt with our nation's economy.

This book drew me in as I wonder how much of what we're experiencing can we actually change? How much power do I have in the situation? Only a few chapters into it I am already consumed with excitement about the possibilities!

This morning I spent some time on classifieds - just window shopping. Oh, I don't have the money for anything today, but WOW! Look at the possibilities! The process made me giddy where for some time it would have made me deflated. I CAN plan for an exciting turnaround in my life - and I can expect GREAT things to happen! S0 can you!

While I may not be able to change certain variables (like cancer) I can change the level of hope and excitement I bring to the game. I can choose who I want to be and how I want that to be manifested.

I encourage you to give yourself a gift BEFORE the holidays - BEFORE the New Year - and let it positively affect your aim at your own destiny!!!!!

I'm shopping for a totally new exciting destiny - one of my choosing - are you?