Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Know Thyself

Walking in to the medical office the young PA noticed the book under my arm - The Color Code. As I laid it on the counter he was even more intrigued, reading the subtitle sideways and even cocking his head to see the letters straight. "So, what color would I be?" he questioned. "Well, I don't know, tell me about yourself." He began with descriptions: "I am a hardworker - sometimes bossy. I don't really care what other people think. I can be insensitive sometimes. But, I set goals and achieve them and that's really important to me. " From his descriptions and the answers to some questions I told him he sounded like a red personality to me. (out of four colors - yellow, white, blue and red)

The information peeked his curiosity and he wanted to learn more from the free test - He was excited to know himself better.

Later in the day I was talking to a girlfriend about love languages. If your spouse does not understand what you perceive as love, he may be sending you affection all day long but you will never feel it. If you never articulate what love looks like to you, how can you and your beloved create that shared vision? It is not only significant to know your love language, but also know the words to ask for what you want and need. Can you articulate what love feels like? Do you feel loved completely? Have you ever? And what do you need most in a loving relationship? How do you show love best?

Too much self-absorbtion can reflect self-centerness. Too little can reflect a marytr. Self-awareness and self-knowledge can ultimately be the map that gets you to the ultimate destination - loving and being loved for who you truly are.

Know thyself -