Friday, October 2, 2009

You Can't Argue With That

"It's like I knew this couch in a previous life" my girlfriend jokingly explained. "It's like we were meant to be together! It cost me $2,000 but I just had to have it!" The rest of us ladies burst out in laughter. It was hard to take Micki seriously. Trailing off I couldn't argue with her. There are just those things in life with which we feel an affinity. And, it's the gravity, its the glue, its the pulse that then seems to orchestrate "one-ness" - a feeling of coming home - even if it is with a silly comfy cushy couch.

You just can't argue when someone has those kinds of feelings for something. You can talk til you're blue in the face, you can reason with facts and details, and you can promote a million other possibilities, but when someone has an affinity for something - a compulsion - a confirmation - well, it's like telling them to change their favorite color or their favorite dessert. Just not going to happen.

But then there is the bright side - where there is affinity there is passion. There is hope, there is fun, there is creativity, there is comfort. It's like slipping on your worn in sneakers and that faded pair of blue jeans. You may never be able to describe it or explain the way it makes you feel - but you know it. It's tangible. You just can't argue with the way that makes your soul sing. describes "affinity" in a chemistry term as "the force by which atoms are held together". Scientists don't even know why they do - they just do. Affinity. Like the heart's gravity. Draws things, holds things, strengthen things . . . orchestrating things coming together.

A couch that you knew in a previous life - the love of a mother to a child - the stuff of atoms - the strength that binds - that feeling of coming home - a favorite color . . . affinity in the shallowest term or affinity in the deepest . . . the stuff that make your soul sing. You just can't argue with that.