Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spoonfuls of Happy

There is a poster at my favorite yogurt shop which reads "A spoonful of happy". Something about that always makes me smile. I love that yogurt shop. Very cool seating, super healthy frozen yogurt, and a warm fire going. When I'm there even my toes are happy.

Life gets tough some days. Harsh realities, losses, grieving, seasons of change, relationship strains, financial pressure . . . we all feel it. It's good to have places of refuge. Life is a buffet filled with many things - thank heavens for the sweet spots.

My bible, a hug from my kids, my crazy dog, silly girlfriends, loving texts from my parents . . . and even a new crush that makes me giggle when my phone rings.

Mmmm. Among the difficult there is some sweetness. A soft place to land.

Thank you God - for giving me spoonfuls of happy.