Saturday, October 10, 2009

Loves Like A Hurricane

Yesterday I blogged about mature trees. It was a magical day as I took a drive into the mountains to enjoy the fall colors before the snow comes. It was spectacular. The palette of ambers, yellows and greens were breathtaking. Especially though, the Aspens. With every whisper of the wind the leaves trembled and shook - evidence that there was movement in the air. Theirs was the evidence of invisible motion and direction. It was so hypnotizing that I could have sat for hours letting the fall breeze wash over me like a river.

When God puts something on your heart - whether it is a vision for the future, a person's name or their personal circumstance, or a cause, a calling - that "burden" He places begins to weigh on your mind. Like the river of invisible wind that was witnessed in the Quaking Aspen yesterday - that movement creates a response in us. And we change. Our thinking is incrementally redirected, our balance shifts, our perspective changes and if we are truly listening to God Himself, we bend.

The greatest growth we have is when we allow God to introduce an idea - plant a seed - and then we listen and let the burden fall on our hearts knowing that God wants us to be vulnerable to Him. We begin to pray for others (real prayers outloud with real tears) - we begin to sense conviction and a desire to restore relationships (and our pride melts) no matter the cost - and we yearn to see the face of God manifest in the darkest parts of our lives.

I invite you to let God place a burden on you - what has He created you for here on earth? What does He need you to change in your life to get to His path, His plan? And will you bend? Will you yield to what the Creator has in store for you?

Let God rush in like the wind - let Him love you like a hurricane. You can trust what He is doing in your heart even though you can't always see it.

Listen for a minute - close your eyes and listen to where God wants you to bend . . . never heard it quite so beautifully as in "How He Loves" by David Crowder. Close your eyes and feel the rushing wind through the Aspens in your heart. The colors will bring tears to your eyes.