Monday, June 2, 2008

All Things Being Equal

"But it's NOT fair mom!" my kids say. And following in my parent's footsteps, and their parent's parents before them, I respond, "Life is not fair."

It's not. Have you noticed?

A saying comes to mind that is thrown around in conversations amongst adults - "All things being equal . . . " but they never are. Nothing is equal. Nothing is fair. I'm coming to accept that and there is a security in that insecurity.

You see, once you accept that life is NOT fair, that all things are NOT equal, you stop fighting so hard to make things fair and equal. You stop keeping up with the Jones' because it's ok that they have a boat and you don't. You stop comparing your child to your niece or nephew because you see your child is a star in his/her own way. And you stop asking "Why me?" when bad things happen.

All things aren't equal - and part of that is knowing that God sees us not as a mass of equal beings, but as unequal, special, unique people - all with different talents and skills and challenges. He also sees where you and I have big unique needs. And He fills them. Uniquely.

Thank God (literally). That means a lot more than things being equal.