Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Drop Down and Give Me 20 Soldier

Some days life feels like a battlefield and you're in the trenches with bombs exploding. The noise can be deafening, the fear unnerving, and the intensity of the situation, surreal.

When it seems there is no refuge the best defense? Drop down and give me 20 soldier.

Twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes alone with your Bible and God. Period.

Whether your battlefield is your business, your finances, your parenting or your health, time spent with God and the best success book in history will make all the difference in your strength and tenacity. Twenty minutes to find the wisdom needed to make better decisions. Twenty minutes to put things in eternal perspective. Twenty minutes to be honest with yourself. Twenty minutes to forgive the trespasses against you. Twenty minutes to get a new vision of your future.

When you're in the greatest battles of your life - drop to your knees and give God your 20 soldier. The battle is already won.