Saturday, June 14, 2008

Faint Not

Have you heard about "fainting" goats?

Sounds funny but these goats actually faint. They stiffen up and fall over. Out.

When they get overwhelmed, frightened, surprised, even overly excited, their legs stiffen up and they pass out. Poof!

Interestingly enough as the goats mature, they are able to better handle stress and they gradually learn to manage without going out cold. They begin to stiffen up and hobble along a bit, but they no longer plop over paralyzed.

Maturity, experience, wisdom . . . and pure exposure to tough things . . . and getting through it without dying even though you fear you may . . .

Each one of us is like those goats. We learn. We choose. We get scared and we still stand up to it. We do the right thing even though it hurts. We don't faint.

It's a matter of maturity in the face of what scares us the most.

Faint not friend.

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