Monday, June 23, 2008

Baring All

Attorney Gerry Spence says, "We were thrown into this world with nothing but our naked rumps and our raw little feelings. Almost immediately we were taught to cover both."

How often in relationships or business do we hide or deny our true emotions? Our gut tells us do NOT hire that person, do NOT make that investment, or do NOT take that responsibility . . . only to regret it later when we don't listen. Or, how often do we sense that one of our team members is struggling or needs a word of appreciation - and we hold back.

Our raw little feelings are more accurate than we may realize. At our heart of hearts we have more sense about what is really happening than we even have words to describe.

That's why you can't separate your feelings from your business - put your heart into it!

I've never regretted the times I've trusted my instinct - but I can count numerous times I wish I had. I've never regretted extending a word of sympathy or encouragement - but many times too late I've wished I spoke up and showed more kindness.

So today I'm going to challenge you to trust your gut - bare those feelings that are trying to give you information - they will set things right in your world.

And certainly don't miss the chance to tell someone you care. You may not get a do-over.