Saturday, July 5, 2008

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

Yesterday my friend Sheri and I ran the Freedom Festival 10K. It was a longer run than I'd done in over a year but pacing myself with Sheri (and laughing the whole way) I didn't stop once. We finished the race giggling and sweating - proud to have completed our goal.

Sheri motivated me and encouraged me to do that run - alone I don't believe I would have completed it.

Sheri has been part of most of the charity work I've been involved with, almost every business I've started, and was there cheering me on when I won Mrs. Utah. Since we met almost 7 years ago she has been one of the best components in my successes. And yet, I don't know if I tell her that often enough.

Are there people in your life that encourage you along, even almost invisibly, who make all of the difference in your success? Do you have Sheri's in your life that laugh along with you, cry alongside you, serve in good times and bad with you, and who know you so well that they also give you room to make big mistakes?

I'm going to challenge you today to reach out and tell that person in your life that they make the difference. One of my first emails this morning was to Sheri - one of the best sponsors for goodness in my life.

Who sponsors you friend?