Friday, July 25, 2008

Medium Rare Thanks But No Thanks

I saw a billboard the other day which read, "Only a mediocre person is at his best all of the time". Wow.

It was refreshing to ponder that thought as I struggle to understand the ups and downs on the roller coaster of life. Some days I feel on top of things, other days I am looking up wondering how I've dropped from where I wanted to be and expect myself to be.

Here's the secret though I believe: To be a peak performer, one who excels, it must be expected that lows will come, re-evaluation must take place, and new goals must be sought. Standing in place will never be enough if I want to cross a finish line, even one of my own design.

I want to see great things in my lifetime. I want to be part of great movements, worldchanging trends, and hands on transformation in people, businesses, and youth. I believe great things are not only possible, but integral to an exceptional and fulfilling life. That also means that mediocrity is not acceptable. In fact, it is the thief of true fulfillment as it undermines one's ability to endure, push harder, sprint faster, and go the extra mile.

Striving to do better means I will have days where I fall short, dust myself off, and with a loving kick, boot myself through the next mile. It is a refusal to be mediocre.

The process is worth the rewards of having unparalleled success on days when I do break through and reach the summit - cheering for myself even when I'm the only one who sees the personal challenge overcome. Medium rare? No thanks. I'm enjoying the push to excel past myself. The view from the top is amazing.