Monday, July 28, 2008

Supergluing Wings To My High Heels

I'm currently listening to an audio book on how to create positive change in your life. The author referred to the Greek God Hermes (pronounced 'her-meez) - an agile runner with wings on his shoes and on his cap - who, among his many roles, in lightning speed would bring important messages from mighty Zeus.

Speaking of Hermes, the author explained that as Hermes would arrive on scene to herald new tidings, IMPASS in our lives does the same thing. When we are at a dead-end in our lives it is easy to feel hopeless. IMPASS, or that dead-end feeling, therefore, is simply the forerunner to essential, mercurial change.

I would have to agree with this author. Every time I have been at an impass in my life - a point of discontent - a point of frustration where I felt stuck - somehow, that was also the precursor to everything becoming clear. Impass was the catalyst for mercurial change within myself.

Thinking about my new winged friend, Hermes, what seems essential is the skill of agility. Being able to change direction with dexterity and lightness. No baggage or hesitancy. No judgment or revenge. No second guessing, no blaming. Just change. Right change.

I've got some points of impass in my life - areas that seem stalemated and stuck. Hense, I've decided to superglue some wings to my new fuscia Payless pumps. If nothing else, just to humor myself along and remember . . . I want to be agile when I am at an impass . . . I welcome positive, insightful, essential change. It always comes at what seems a dead-end.