Monday, September 14, 2009

Blinders On

Talking the other day with an acquaintance a prejudice statement was made. Immediately the comment stung as if it had been said about someone in my own family. I listened more closely. A second comment was made confirming the first. I had not known my associate had negative feelings towards people of a different skin color. It surprised me. As the conversation ended and I walked away I thought about blinders such as racial discrimination. How real those blinders are when we feel we're right about people, groups and situations. And when we are right we stop listening.

I would not consider myself prejudice based on race. However, when I believe I am right I can be very blind. I stop looking for clues that would conflict with my philosophies. I close off my opinions to a certain chosen few, and I tend to be less empathetic to anyone who is "wrong". I wish it were not so, but it is. Do you do the same thing? Put up walls around your truth?

So, here's to taking off the blinders. Here's to expanding the view, looking at other possibilities, other sides of the same issue. Here's to giving others equal talking time.

God let me see the truth of things even if it makes me uncomfortable. Take the blinders off so I see the big picture. Though I have eyes - help me really, really see for the very first time.