Sunday, September 20, 2009

Living On A Prayer

My adorable 2 year old nephew woke up at 6:00 am yesterday. He stood at the side of his crib happily singing "Oohh, living on a praayeh" - Bon Jovi meets Pampers. The words and his cheerful disposition had my sister chuckling. Over and over he repeated the theme, all the while with a chubby grin and twinkle in his eye. "Oohh, living on a praayeh". What a great way for the entire household to wake!

What did you pray for when you rose this morning? When the sun came quietly creeping in across your floor - what was the greatest desire of your heart? What would you wish for if the Creator of the Universe to gift something sweet in your life? What would heal you, what you bless you, what would move you? And do you believe that the God who loves you is powerful enough to prove Himself faithful? Do you believe that God can restore what the locusts have destroyed in your life? Do you believe that God can restore broken relationships, heal broken dreams, forgive great rebellion? Are you willing to courageously walk around the seeming impenatrable emotional walls, with the trust that the God who parted the seas will bring even your heaviest stones crashing down? And do you trust that you can have imaginable joy and happiness if you let God lead?

This little 2 year old sang in sheer joy and childlike faith. His happiness was contageous. "Oohh, living on a praayeh" - His white teeth against his dark skin showed the grin of a soul ready for the adventure of the day. He fully expected loving arms to greet him and protect him. A child at peace - a child bubbling with joy - excited that goodness is coming.

Sweet child, are you?