Friday, September 4, 2009

Staying Open

I love listening to Anthony Robbins. I'm amazed by his sense of passion and purpose as well as his logical clarity about life. I enjoy listening to his audios as I'm doing graphic design, folding laundry or getting ready in the morning.

The other day I listened to a link about finances and success. So powerful!!!!
Anthony Robbins explains that the biggest major hurdle in being truly successful (he was talking financially but I'm going to refer to emotionally) is learning to manage rejection and frustration. That's the pivitol factor in being successful. Learn to manage rejection and frustration. Because here is the kicker - when you feel rejection and frustration what do you? You give up. You stop trying. You stop investing yourself. You become cynical. Your self-discipline stops - your drive stops. In the case of a salesperson - when a customer rejects your product you may quit selling, quit cold-calling, quit attempting to sell all together.

On a personal level - emotionally - relationally - when we have been hurt by romantic love, family, friends, business partners, when we have been rejected - we may close ourselves off to the point that we no longer can let love in at all. It is the ultimate self-sabotage. We quit taking care of ourselves, we lower our goals, we lose hope, and we self-destruct. Talking from personal experience here, we close ourselves off to the very thing we want so badly.

People who are truly emotionally satisfied in life are the people who can love big - forgive big - risk big - and hope big. They know that love is out there in so many different forms and they know that love heals every brokenness. Keep your heart open even if you've been rejected in the past. Because you never know the love that waits . . . and the power it has to change your world. Stay open and let love in.