Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life Make-Over Steps

Filming a segment for a national award based on the non-profit Heart 2 Home, the interviewer asked me why we (our Heart 2 Home team) we do what we do? How do we do it?
Reflecting on why our team sweats, prays, begs and dreams the way we do . . . its because we can't see suffering and not feel moved to action. We hurt when we see others hurting. And, because we know our actions create solutions, we stay the course until circumstances are healed.

There is a powerful courage that is developed over time as this pattern becomes a concrete process. Feel compassion, assess the need, pray for healing and inspiration and finally, take action.

In your relationships, in your business, in your family - are YOU taking that same course of action? Do you have a burden for the people in your life - do you FEEL them? Are you moved by compassion for them? What do they NEED? When was the last time you asked them?

Are you praying for them - praying for your kids (rather than preaching to them) - praying for your spouse, your parents, your friends. Are you praying for inspiration as to how to help them in their pain, their hopes and their struggles?

And then lastly, are you taking action to assist them - support them - reaching out to them? Make the call, give the encouragement, change the circumstances, help carry the load . . .

The process has built homes for needy families here in Utah since 2004 - but its also built a mobile medical unit, spurred bone marrow donor testing across the US, and now the annual Laughing At Cancer benefit concert here in Utah. But it doesn't just work for our non-profit foundation - it works in life and love.

Looking for the steps to a life makeover?

Feel compassion outside of yourself
Assess true needs
Pray for inspiration and healing
Take action

Its the way to make-over your heart and win in life and love.