Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Right and More Right

Going to the eye doctor the silly lense presto change-o test always gets me laughing. First this. Now this. Which is better? Wait, show me again. OK. This or this. The goofy metal glasses swing like a switchblade in front of my eyes. I'm instantly intimidated. I can hardly see the difference and I'm getting uncomfortable.

This or . . . this? OK, now I see!

I didn't see just a minute ago - and now, what seemed right before seems more right now.

God does that. Really to help us see more clearly what He saw all along.

This or . . . this? Basically, your way . . . or . . . this . . . My way.

And we sit back in the large lab chair rubbing our eyes - amazed. God, how did you know I would see so much better with that change? I didn't know it was possible. Thought I was seeing everything just fine. What was right before is more right now.

God. 20/20 vision. His one goal is helping us see He was right all along.