Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey, Nice Pots!

I love my pots. They are bubbling with purple, pink and white petunias, lavendar and 2 different kinds of mint. After I run in the evening I sit on my steps and change out my sweaty running shoes for my white flip-flops and I sit and breathe in the air from my little terra pot garden. These plants instantly make me feel happier about living.

People make comments about my thriving pots. I guess my petunias are a hit - can I tell you my secret?

Once a day I pluck off every single petal that is starting to whilt. Petunias by nature are short lived. If you keep them on the vine while they droop and sag, it sucks up all of the perky "new flower juices" and the plant goes flat and bare. We are not petunias, but I'm telling you friend, in a very similar way, we've got to get in the habit of plucking away those habits of ours that are sucking us dry lest we go bare as well.

How many of us wait too long to quit that job, too long to go on that health regime, too long to say those important "I love you" words? For how many of us has the time on the vine tapped us of our creativity, our spontaneaity and our drive? That feeling when we've been tapped out, sucked dry, and beaten down is not our element. We want to be our best selves - and that means lean up, thin out, and double-up on the creativity. Unleash the energy locked up in unproductive areas of your life!

Trimming the whilt off my petunias helps them perform like celebrities - always shining and always bursting with new life. What areas are wilting in your life that need plucking? And where do you want new growth? Pruning is producing!