Sunday, August 10, 2008

Love Your Guts - Unconditionally

I have a friend Makay who is just like a sister to me. From the first time we met we have laughed and cried together. She is just like a ray of sunshine.

At the end of every cheerful email she types "LYG" . . . the acronym for "Love Your Guts".

Now, in some ways it seems a bit morbid doesn't it? Telling someone you love their inner systems? . . . and yet, I absolutley know what Makay means and I can hear her sweet voice saying it with bubbly enthusiasm. Truly contagious!

When she says "Love Your Guts" it is a vote of unconditional support, courage and approval. How many people do you know that love YOUR guts?

I am so grateful for the people in my life who love those unsightly and imperfect parts of me - my inner workings - even the broken ones. It gives me the courage to face parts of myself that scare me, intimidate me, and even inspire me to greater levels.

Thank you Makay - hey girl - LYG!