Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's All A Humanitarian Choice

Last night I attended the memorial service of several who were killed in a small plane crash on a humanitarian mission to Guatemala.

As I stood as just one in the large crowd, holding a candle as the sun faded, like a wave consuming me I had the startling realization - AGAIN - that we make profound DAILY choices.

The group's name said it all - "Choice Humanitarian". Friends and family spoke on behalf of each of the individuals lost - each one had died sharing their light in the greatest way they knew how. Their actions - their leaving home - their giving of their time - their refusal to stay comfortable for the sake of their fellowman - it astounded me. They CHOSE to be givers. The CHOSE to be on that plane - they CHOSE to serve humanity.

It's not guilt that I'm feeling today. No, guilt seems like such a superficial motivator today. It is deeper than that. It is an awakening in me that my wings WANT to stretch because of what I learned last night standing there. My heart aches to CHANGE the world to a greater degree and have a deeper impact - not for the world's sake - but for my own - BECAUSE I was remined that one person CAN change the world . . . and SHOULD. I see that dying in pursuit of bettering humanity is somehow the greatest choice we make. That means dying to one's own agenda, one's own pride, and even one's own idea of what success looks like.

Choosing to let parts of ourselves die opens up the possibility to let other parts of our soul LIVE. That is choice. What do you choose today? When your heart commits, the only real question that remains is WHERE? Pick your place in the vineyard and begin. Deeper than guilt, higher than love. Holy, powerful surrender.