Thursday, August 21, 2008

So Far From "Ghandi-esque"

As much as I revere Ghandi and his wisdom, I don't want to BE Ghandi. And as much as I love the heart of Mother Teresa, I don't covet her mission. I love being a mother of five busy children. I love forging into the unknown with a business plan and a hope for the future. And, I enjoy the comforts of a home, furnishings, deoderant, and my Mr. Coffee.

What I do hunger for though in my life is that "Mother Teresa-ish" quality, and that "Ghandi-esque" maturity. I want to reach inside and touch sainthood in those moments when my sneaky mischevious spirit creeps up. I want to be able to levitate in pure bliss and peace in those moments when I get cut off on the freeway. I want to find a way to hate no-one and love more people deeply. I want to see higher life purpose and still be task oriented enough to get places on time.

My greatest heroes are the people who can summon compassion and wisdom in those moments when they are most needed, and then look like touchable, unassuming, ordinary people in the moments in between. People who give creatively and courageously; individuals who take initiative to change the world beginning in their neighborhoods, and servant-hearted accountability partners who love without enabling. That's real, that I can appreciate, and that I can trust. No hype, no fluff, and no sheet : )