Friday, August 1, 2008

Living With The Top Off

About lunchtime I received a phone call from my friend Sheri. We had plans to meet for a bite to eat and discuss some business ideas.

"Can I swing by and pick you up?" she asked on the line. "I've just rented a convertible Mustang for the weekend and I thought we could go for a quick spin!" Knowing my friend Sheri I burst out laughing. Only Sheri.

She seemed to catapult out of the driver's seat and squeal with excitement to show off her weekend love - a sparkly clean beaming white convertible Mustang with grey interior. The two of us, both tipping closer to the 45 year-old mark than the 25 year-old mark hopped in, made sure the camera had batteries, and spun down the highway heading for the mountain roads. We laughed so hard I'll bet we had bugs in our teeth. It was the best business lunch I've had in quite a while!

Sunglasses on, top down, wind in our hair - it cleared my head and made me want to work harder at my life.

In times of economic stress and financial uncertainty, it's good to be reminded that hard work pays off in dividends of freedom. Freedom with finances, freedom in our relationships, and the freedom of health to enjoy a spin through the mountains with the top down.

Now this is living!