Saturday, August 23, 2008

Watch Your Mouth!

As I'm completing the text for my new book "How Tough Moms Succeed In Tough Times", I've also been reading the book "Nice Girls Don't Get Rich". It is an interesting paradox that we women have been culturually groomed to fail.

We've been told to be "nice", "loving, "nurturing" and "sweet" . . . well, those qualities sister may not be the ones that will save you when life packs a punch.

I've been reading as well about the Great Depression and how women got tough, got focused, got smart and got resourceful to protect themselves and their families.

Tough cookies don't crumble in tough times. They pull out that Momma-Bear instinct and fight. Times are pushing us moms to toughen up today. Perhaps we just need to re-learn the vocabulary of our youth -

"Nice" translated = diplomatic, reflective, methodical
"Loving" = supportive, intuitive, encouraging
"Nurturing" = creative, resourceful, networked
"Sweet" = genuine, empathetic, appreciative

Words are powerful things. They build complete realities. If you're wishing your world looked different - start with the words you use to describe it and watch the transformation in YOU and YOUR circumstances.