Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Evening - Thank You For Prayers

It's been quite a long 24 hours - I am home now and think I need to rest (more than a hint from some loving people). Paul in the last two hours was able to open his eyes and say a few sentences. His swelling (face) seemed to be decreasing (or maintaining but not increasing) and his pain was to some degree tolerable.

What a difficult journey this has been since Tuesday morning. In speaking with medical staff and friends it takes time for people to stabilize after a traumatic surgery like this one. There can be many ups and downs as medications work or don't work, and as the person's body accepts the changes that have been made. The ICU unit is set up to make that a safe passage - I'm so grateful for the nurses and doctors that are turning on a dime to accomodate every big and small thing Paul needs right now.

Paul's parents came to the hospital this afternoon and Paul's dad gave him a blessing - I'm thankful for those sweet moments when truly I feel the Lord's peace and guidance. There is nothing visible or tangible that could grant that kind of peace right now watching Paul go through this.

Thank you for the flood of emails and prayers - I know they are helping me, and even though Paul is not able to say so, I know he is being held by those prayers right now -