Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Ring In a Pig's Snout

I came across a Proverb that made me laugh.

To paraphrase, "A beautiful woman who lacks discernment is like a golden ring in a pig's snout."

Ha! Oh my goodness, that is a visual now isn't it? An expensive gold ring in a slimy, stinky, germ-infested pig's snout. Completely useless. What is the point of placing something so valuable in the nose of an animal who could care less - to say nothing of how it clashes with the rest of a hog's emsemble.

However, the proverb does hit home. Sometimes I do pretty dumb things - truly not intentional but rightly wrong. And, sometimes I would have to say in my humanness I lack discernment. In all of my glory I look about as classy as that pig wearing a golden ring in her snout.

God, bless me with wisdom today - let me not be so oblivious to the needs of others and short-sighted in Your purposes that I wallow in messes of my own making.

Bless me to be beautiful with brains, regal with a sense of purpose and grace, and tempered with tenderness. Bless me that I can be discerning in the words I speak and in the way I live.

And all the little piggies said "Amen".