Friday, May 23, 2008

Houston - We Have Lift Off!

Paul was released from the hospital and has been adjusting to life at home. He's got a whole new gang of friends who've visited us - physical therapist, home health care nurse, and the supply people bringing liquid food for his feeding tube, a walker, meds . . . he's got his "peeps" making sure he's good to go!

It's been busy here as my mom and I have learned how to use all of his new equipment and keeping him on a med/ schedule throughout the day and night. He's been a great sport with all of the new adjustments!
We're hopeful that he can remove the feeding tube today. Tonight is the Mrs. Utah Pageant 2008 and Paul wants to be there untethered!

His right eye has been giving him problems so he is often wearing a patch - like a pirate. Landon thinks his dad is the coolest ever - c'mon, who else's dad looks that awesome with 25 metal staples in his neck from a sharkbite AND a pirate patch!