Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paul Update

Wanted to take 2 minutes and update on Paul's surgery -

There were three teams of doctors (oncologist, plastic surgeon and a dental surgeon) - the surgery ended at about 10:45 last night. Whew! What a long prayerful day!

The surgery was very successful taking bone from Paul's left leg and placing it where the cancerous jawbone was. I stayed in the ICU with Paul overnight - it was a rough night with so many factors, machines and pain - think that is the hardest of all - watching someone you love go through so much.

Today Paul is on a feeding tube - they didn't need to keep the jaw wired! He is talking and resting. Of course there is a lot of swelling and staples, stitches and minor adjustments, but the pain meds are doing their job and we're taking turns being with him all the time.

He will be in ICU for a couple of more days then in the main hospital.

I am so thankful all went well!!! Thank you for your prayers!!!